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The comprehensive independent guide to principles, techniques & software tools
Authored by: Dr M J de Smith, Prof M F Goodchild, Prof P A Longley

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Dr de Smith
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Prof Longley


"A superb resource for educators in GISc/spatial analysis. Many congratulations!" Prof David Unwin, Emeritus Professor, University of London, and WUN  ....more testimonials

Geospatial analysis: A guide to spatial and GIS analysis and GIS software

This guide addresses the full spectrum of analytical techniques that are provided within modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related geospatial software products. It is broad in its treatment of concepts and methods and representative in terms of the software that people actually use.
Topics covered include:
principal concepts of geospatial analysis, their origins and methodological context 
core components of geospatial analysis, including distance and directional analysis, geometrical processing, map algebra, and grid models
basic methods of exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA) and spatial statistics, including spatial autocorrelation and spatial regression 
surface analysis, including surface form analysis, gridding and interpolation methods
network and locational analysis, including shortest path calculation, travelling salesman problems, facility location and arc routing

geocomputational methods, including agent-based modelling, artifical neural networks and evolutionary computing (2nd ed.)

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